The first time I went shooting was at 2286 squadron in Coventry, they had an indoor range that was only 25 metres long. W.O Collins the head of shooting at 121 wanted us to get familiar with being on a range before he took us to R.A.F Cosford. When you go to R.A.F Cosford for shooting, you will be wearing combats instead of the normal ATC uniform. When you get on the range the staff will tell you who the R.C.O. (Range Conducting Officer) will be for the day.

The staff choose the 6 cadets who will be shooting first. The rest of us go to an area outside the range and chill out until it's our turn to shoot.

Do I enjoy going shooting? I love going shooting because I always try to get my A.T.C marksman badge, which takes a very long time to get. To qualify for the A.T.C marksman badge you have to get five rounds in a grouping the size of a 2 pence piece.

Cadets using the .22 No.8 bolt action rifle on the range at R.A.F Cosford

Having successfully completed their training on the .22 No.8 bolt action rifle (shown on the right), cadets can undergo additional training on the more powerful L98 rifle (left).

The L98 uses 5.56 calibre rounds and is a non-automatic version of the general service issue, SA80 as used by British forces.

Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Pritchard - 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron
23 Feb 02

Images supplied by WO Collins

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