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Cadets from 121 ( Nuneaton ) Air Training Corps, visited the Nescliff Battle Training Area on the weekend of 18th - 20th November 2005.

Nescliff is in shropshire, and was built during the 2nd World War as an ammunitions depot. It continued in operation until the 1960s, after which it became a training area.

The first night at Nescliff, was long, cold and uncomfortable. We were sleeping in an old bunker made from concrete, with no running hot water or mains electricity. The next morning was split up into 3 parts, with 3 different activities. All the activities were very enjoyable. Firstly, our Flight went shooting on the range. We were firing the No.22 rifles. Most people got to fire at least 30 rounds. The next activity was a radio exercise, which involved finding different packages and plotting them on a map, so that another team could locate and remove the packages. The 3rd exercise was a camouflage & concealment exercise, which included how to move across a landscape as a group, different hand signals, and hiding away from our CO, i managed to find a nice comfy patch of sticks and leaves to bury myself in. Overall, our flight won the day with the most points.

That night, we had a night exercise. We had to locate different markers which were hidden in fields and the woods. These markers passed as nuclear missiles, and the team who collected the most missiles won the night exercise.

The next day, a select few went to get qualified to shoot the L98, a variant of the SA80 family. Everyone passed the test, and was allowed to shoot. The L98 is good to fire, it has good accuracy, is easy to reload, and is fun to shoot. The noise it creates is amazing, compared to the No.22 rifles. AS you can probably tell, this was my favorite part of the weekend.

Overall, I had a great weekend, there was always something to do. Thanks to the adult staff who made the camp possible.

Cdt Cpl Mckeown (Me) during Nescliff training exercise – Click to enlarge.  Cadets get to fire the L98 – Click to enlarge.  Flt Lt Ian Crewe presents WO Jim Taylor with his birthday cake – Click to enlarge.
Nescliff Training Area Camp 18th - 20th November 2005. – Click to enlarge

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Cdt Cpl Mckeown - 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron

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