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RAF Lyneham, that was our destination for Easter Camp from 16-23 March, was excellent for all the cadets that went. We did all the activities that real RAF staff did, and we also did some real fun stuff like flying a Tutor, flying in a Hercules, gliding and some people even went in the Hercules simulator. I was one of the lucky ones that did some extra stuff that some cadets didn't get the chance to do.

The day at AEF was one of the best days because the people who fly the Tutor plane let you take control when there doing some of the craziest aerobatics, my pilot taught me how to do a barrel roll and a loop, the extent of the G-force that we pulled felt magnificent.

The Hercules flight that we went on, we went on in groups of 8 and my group was wicked it consisted of me (obviously), Cpl Brown, Cpl Swain, Digger, Phipps (Finch), Wheeler (UG), Peak and Bourmb (who forgot to bring his shoes to camp). The crew who took us up in the Herc opened the tail door and I have photos but they haven't been developed yet.

When we went gliding there was 1 hyper little boy that went round on his hands and knees eating grass and daisy's because people dared him to, I can't remember his name though, but flying in the glider was really smooth and quiet compared to the Tutor. Excellent!

There were also lots more activities like making bed boxes, ohhh that was the most fun thing in the whole wide world, NOT, cleaning again and again and again, some people did work experience (and got more of an insight into what they want to be when they're older), field craft, night exercise which I can't explain in words how good it was, drill and oh yeah the food was sooooo yummy.

All the people on the base were really polite and welcoming as most of them used to be cadets themselves.

I hate to admit it but I even enjoyed the place where we slept even though it breathed dust each time when we cleaned it (3 times a day). All the people that slept in the billet were cool, sharing, helpful to each other when we needed a hand (polishing shoes, ironing uniform) and we all got along great.

The journey there wasn't really that good, well I didn't think so partly because of the 2 times they stopped the bus I thought I was going to be sick or pass out, but I pulled through with a little help of sickness pills. Lets get off the subject of illness.

I can't wait until I go on my next camp and I hope it is as good as RAF Lyneham and if you get the chance to go on camp GO it is so so so so So much Fun!

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Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Kenny Kay- 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron
05 Apr 05

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