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As it was the first camp I had every been on I didn't know what to expect, I pictured sloppy food, old 60s showers if any at all, and holes in the walls, even thou there where a few holes, the food was brilliant, the showers where brand new and seemed to always have hot water, and the people round the base where very friendly and polite.

We had to march to the mess but it wasn't as far as it was made out to be, it was very annoying marching there at quarter to seven in the morning but it was really good exercise.

Some highlights of the camp was the amount of flying you got to do I got fifty minuets in one day, and that mostly consisted of loop di loops, barrel roles and frequent g force on you, we also spent most of the AEF time playing cards and cadet Kay spent it eating daisy's and grass, and I thought the food wasn't that bad.

A handful of cadets wished to go on work experience and I was one of them, we spent the second last day at the RAF regiment, which was organized into a military operation, which we were a part of, we used what they taught us to be the scouts of a enemy controlled area, we had to get in fast and secure, then the reinforcements would clean up, we all had lot's of fun but by the end of it, all we could think about was sleep.

Our sleeping arrangements weren't as pleasant as hoped, the building seemed to give birth to dust every time we tried to clean up, notice the word tried, the beds always squeaked especially from the lad two beds down from me, but over all they were passable.

The list of activities during that exhausting week where shooting, flying, gliding, work experience, the Hercules flights, tidying, bed box making (that was so fun, NOT!!), cleaning, numerous games of cheat, cleaning, the excellent night exercise, lazar quest, cleaning, bowling, and the massive inter flight competition which 1 flight won, because their the best.

Over all the entire trip to lyneham was very good and I wouldn't hesitate to go again, well just a little, and I advise others to go.

P.s Kay stop eating daises

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Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Diegnan (digga) - 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron
01 Apr 05

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