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On the 16 th of March, myself and six other cadets from my squadron, travelled along with 16 cadets from other squadrons in Warwickshire and Birmingham wing to Royal air force Lyneham.

The cadets on the camp were split up into two flights (teams) for the week. I was the flight commander of 1 flight with my second in command as Cdt Page from 198( Hinckley ) sqn. 2 flights commander was Cpl Swain also from Hinckley , and Cpl Barber from my squadron. There were plenty of inter-flight competitions during the week for example laser quest and various questionnaires on museums and squadron visits. The score for the week were added up on the last day and it was revealed that my flight won the inter flight competition. Well done to all of the cadets who were in my flight everybody put 110% effort in all of the time.

Throughout the week we spent at Lyneham, we took part in lots of activities, such as work experience, flying and squadron visits to name a few. The flying came in three forms during the week. These were flying in the Grob tutor, Viking glider and the mighty Hercules C-130K. For those of you who don't know, the Hercules is an enormous transport aircraft which is the backbone of the RAF's transport fleet. Over the course of the week the cadets and staff racked up a massive 52 hours in the Hercules, which is a massive amount by anybodies standards.

My favourite part of the week was the night exercise. Myself and Sgt Johnson were selected to accompany the staff 'hunter force' team for the night exercise. The exercise was set on a steep and densely wooded hillside. At the top of the hill in a clearing lay many pieces of equipment, which the cadets had to get their hands on. The equipment the cadets had to get, were guarded by the hunter force who also patrolled the hillside. As part of the hunter force I served half of the exercise on guard duty and the other half on a hunt for cadets.

The remaining cadets were divided up into four teams. Two teams from 1 flight and two teams from 2 flight. Each team had two objectives.

  1. - capture as many pieces of equipment as possible.
  2. - don't get caught yourself.

Everybody on the exercise had an excellent time on the exercise. I personally enjoyed being given the task of 'hunting' the cadets.

I think I speak for everybody who attended the camp when I say that it was absolutely brilliant but tiring and was a great experience. I look forward to the next one.

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Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Cpl Paul Brown - 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron
08 Apr 05

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