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Air Cadets Complete the Pre-Gliding Scholarship Course

On Saturday 1st March 2014, Nuneaton based Royal Air Force Air Cadets visited the Regional Activity Centre at RAF Wyton, in Cambridgeshire. The aim of the day was for all six cadets to complete the pre-Gliding Scholarship Course.

This course enables those cadets on the Gliding Scholarship waiting list, to be shown the fundamentals of the Vigilant Motor Glider, and hopefully by the end of the course all cadets should be able to perform a circuit in the aircraft, and at the same time doing it solo. Although it was unfortunate we weren't able to do it in the real aircraft, we were completing it on a modern state of the art flight simulator.

After being very tired, we arrived at RAF Wyton at around 8:30, after all the security checks we went to the RAC. There we met Wg Cdr Tisley (Region Aerospace Officer), who gave us the bad news that the base had no electricity until the afternoon. Even though it was a step-back, we were lucky enough to visit the University of London Air Squadron where the Officer Commanding Wg Cdr Fin Monahan showed us around the Grob Tutor. The visit was very good, and we all came out with some sound knowledge of the aircraft.

Nuneaton Air Cadets get the chance to have a look at one of the University Air Squadron Grob Tutors.

A good view of one of the Vigilant motor gliders as seen from one of  RAF Wyton Vigilant simulators

It was lunchtime and all of a sudden the power dramatically came back on. Wg Cdr Tisley urgently made us of the flight simulators, and it was an experience to use such state of the art equipment, which indeed RAF pilots themselves use to train on.

FS Connor Little at the controls of one of the RAF Wyton simulators

At the end of the day we were all tested by the Wing Commander, to see whether our circuits were good enough. Furthermore they were all to a good standard and past the course. There were also another two presentations to Cadet Flight Sergeant Justin Allan and Cadet Holly Odam who won the ‘Bernie Cup', this was awarded to those who had the best circuits. Despite many problems with Flying and Gliding in the corps, it was a brilliant opportunity to be able to get some flying training.

Cdt Holly Odam on her final approach to the runway

121 Squadron would also like to give our thanks to Wg Cdr Tisley and Dr Barry Patterson who run the course, we would recommend it to any cadet who would like more flying training.

FS Justin Allan, Cpl Breanne Richter, Cdt Holly Odam, FS Connor Little, Cdt Kyle Evans and Cdt Atlanta Curless with their Pre-Gliding Scholarship Course Certificates

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Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Kyle Evans - 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron
16 Mar 14

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