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Nuneaton Cadets fly back to WW2

On Saturday 15th June, Nuneaton based Air Cadets visited the Great Central Railway in Leicestershire for their World War Two styled weekend. A couple of weeks before the event, Fg Off Carr (Sqn Adj) informed us of the event and many of 121 squadrons cadets were eager to visit. This was designed to give visitors an insight into what life was like during the War.

Nuneaton Cadets fly back to WW2

The line which has four stations, were each themed at a particular country during the War. The first station we visited by train was American themed, the second was French, the third was British and finally the last was Nazi Germany themed. The event itself attracted many to dress up in WW2 fashion, particularly the mean who dressed up in military uniforms (one man even had Air Chief Marshall braid on his No.1 Uniform).

Nuneaton Cadets fly back to WW2

Each station had stalls selling various WW2 memorabilia, tanks, 1940’s entertainment, and various military equipment used during the War. At two stations we witnessed two mock battles against the Americans and Germans. They used pyrotechnics and fake weapons to make the battles look more realistic. There was also meant to be a Fly By, by a Spitfire of the Battle of Britain Memorial flight, however due to operational errors this was stopped. 

At the final station which was British occupied, two cadet took part in some Rifle Drill training, the squadron used to have deactivated weapons to use during Remembrance Day Parades for Rifle drill, Therefore it was very interesting to have a go again.

Nuneaton Cadets fly back to WW2 Nuneaton Cadets fly back to WW2

The day which included us travelling on steam trains for most of the day, was very interesting in giving us an insight to what it was like during the War. We also gained some valuable knowledge about some of the weapons used during the War, thanks to some of the re-enactors who themselves knew a lot of things. Sergeant Taras Andruisin who took particular interest in to some of the cars on display, nearly got a ride back home in one. It was also good for Cadet Evans who went up 50 feet into the air on a WW2 Fire engines ladders (but unfortunately it didn’t count as an Air Experience Flight). Fg Off Car who was in charge of the event for the Squadron said, “It was a very interesting day, and it was also nice to commemorate those involved during WW2”

It would be nice to thank the Great Central Railway who organised this event, obviously they put a lot of time into the event. Secondly my thanks go to Flying Officer Carr for organising the visit on behalf of 121 Squadron.

Nuneaton Cadets fly back to WW2


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Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Kyle Evans - 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron
19 Jun 14

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