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My First Flight with the Air Cadets

After waking up at 6:30am on the 1st of February, the excitement was overwhelming Cadet Farmer and I. Having reached the squadron at 7:30, we met with Sergeant Barber. The chances of us flying at RAF Cosford were looking very slim as the clouds took over the sky.

Cdt Paige Eaves gets her First Flight with the Air Cadets

Upon arriving at Cosford, we listened to the safety brief and practiced the emergency drill. Still, we were unsure of whether we would be able to fly. Once we all knew what to do in case of an emergency, we were allowed to visit the museum. Luckily, Sergeant Barber was on hand to help Cdt Farmer and I, along with Cadets Wren and Kennerson, to expand our knowledge of the different aircraft.

Cdt Hollie Farmer gets her First Flight with the Air Cadets

After spending the morning at the museum, we got a reassuring message from the pilots saying that they were able to take us flying! Having waited several hours for our flights, it was finally our turn. We both got called up to get changed into a flying suit and helmet. Cadet Farmer’s dramatic walk towards the aircraft will be one to remember.

Once we were inside the Tutor, we belted up – with help from the staff at Cosford – and taxied towards the runway. Final checks from the pilot were completed and we were ready to go! Both excitement and tension hung in the air. After taking off, we were headed towards Wolverhampton. When the pilot was sure that there was no other aircraft in the area that may interfere with our flight, we got the chance to do aerobatics such as the loop and barrel roll!

Sadly, we had to head back towards Cosford as other cadets were still awaiting this experience. However, we couldn’t go flying and not take a selfie! Both Cadet Farmer and I took our phones to capture some of the amazing memories we would be encountering. When we were back on the ground, we took our kit off and got ready to drive home.

An amazing day was had by Cadet Farmer and I; one that we won’t be forgetting any time soon. Special thanks go to the staff at RAF Cosford for making our first flights both enjoyable and memorable and also to Sergeant Barber for taking us and helping us with our aircraft knowledge.


Article Submitted by:-
Cdt Paige Eaves - 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron
08 Feb 15

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