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For me this was my first summer camp, although it didn't seem to be summer as it rained for most of the week. However that didn't dampen the mood of the camp. We arrived at RAF Coltishall on Sunday 23 rd July at about 1:30pm . Camp had begun, once we had arrived and emptied the coach of our luggage, we assembled into one flight and were marched off to lunch by the two Cadet Warrant Officers. After lunch we were placed into flights and tents. I was put in charge of my tent and given the responsibility for looking after it and the other cadets in it. That night we played sports, rounders behind our tents. Dinner was at 5:30 , after which we were given time off until roll call which was at 10:30pm , then it was off to our own tents for bed at 11:00pm.

Next day we were all up at 6:30am just to make sure we were all showered, dressed and formed up in our flights for 7:15am ready to march off to breakfast. Our two flights were split down into two smaller flights. 'A' flight did dry weapons training first while 'B' flight did the FAM EX (Familiarisation Exercise) during which we had to answer 20 questions about RAF Coltishall, then the two flights swapped over.

Some cadets from the summer camp at RAF Marhem had arrived at RAF Coltishall to go swimming. Their driver had a problem with the coach and couldn't take them back. As they had missed their dinner slot back at RAF Marhem and where stuck with us for a few hours we opened the space tents, collected some magazines, playing cards and played some music till dinnertime. When we returned to camp after dinner their coach had been fixed.

On Monday the base became live again, Jaguars were flying and the station commander was about. The following days included going on flying Squadron and section visits, sports, and team building activities. Wednesday night was meant to be our Night Ex so we had the Station Warrant Officer teach us how to make a Tee-Pee with materials we could find around us. Due to the weather being horrid, the Night Ex was cancelled. The Officers didn't want us doing more sport that night so they came up with a navigation exercise. A2 flight and B1 flight were dropped off at a location and had to find their way back to base following a set rout and answering questions on the way. A1 and B2 started at the base and followed a set rout to get back to base, yet again answering questions.

Thursday it was planned for us to fly in the Tutor, however the weather yet again didn't permit us to do so, having got up early to travel to a different base and being disappointed that we didn't fly the Officers decided to take us to the Duxford Air Museum.

On Friday there was an air show taking place in a seaside town not far from us. The aircraft taking part in the air show had all landed at RAF Coltishall before the show, so we were taken over to the airfield to have a look at them before setting of for the seaside resort. It was fantastic watching the Red Arrows, Jaguars and Tornados flying around.

The next day was all about clearing up the camp so that the next lot of cadets could come in and take over. We packed up and moved our luggage out of the tents. Finally before we got onto the coach we had a presentation. We all got a booklet, certificated declaring we were there on camp and a red arrows wristband. There where extra certificates for the best flight, which was 'A' flight, best drill also went to 'A' flight, Tug of War went to 'B' flight (yey), Rounders went to 'A' flight and best kept tent went to tent 8, my tent (yey).

On the journey home there were loads of tears, nobody wanted to say good-bye, I know I didn't. Thank you to all the people that went on this summer camp, you have made it one I will never forget. I've made so many new friends through joining cadets and learnt so much. I strongly urge 13-17 year olds to join.

Me (Cdt White far right) with some of my friends in front of the Red Arrows – Click to enlarge
Tornado – Click to enlarge
Me (Cdt White far right) with Cdt Diegnan & Sgt Barber in front of a Typhoon and the Red Arrows – Click to enlarge
That’s me again (Cdt White far right) with some of my friends in front of the RAF’s latest Typhoon fighter.
What did you do this summer? – Click to enlarge

RAF Coltishall summer camp 2005

Article Submitted by:-
Cdt White - 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron

RAF Coltishall opened as fighter Station in May of 1940 and was initially home to night-fighter, intruder and anti-shipping Squadrons. Coltishall includes the distinction of being the first RAF Station to operate the English Electric Lightning all-weather fighter in its long list of achievements and is currently home to the entire RAF Jaguar fleet of aircraft. No 6 Squadron operates in the fighter-bomber role equipped with Jaguar GR3A strike aircraft, and Jaguar T4 two-seat advanced training and conversion aircraft, whilst No 41 Squadron with Jaguar GR3s and T4s specializing in the photographic reconnaissance role.

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