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There are many activities available to cadets in the corps but the best, in my view, is Air Experience Flying. Even though the opportunity to fly doesn't come around very often it is still well worth it. I was lucky enough, along with 8 other The Grob Tutorcadets from my squadron, to fly in a Grob Tutor recently.

We all went up to RAF Cosford 8AEF on what looked to be a miserable Saturday morning hoping to get a flight. Luckily for us the cloud had lifted by time we arrived and we were all able to get a 20 minute slot in the air.

As it was my first flight in the Grob Tutor I mainly covered the basics, such as learning what the many different instruments were for and how to understand them. After being airborne for about 10 minutes my pilot showed me how to use the control column and gave me control of the aircraft.

Other cadets who had flown previously had the opportunity to do aerobatics and I hope, if I have the chance to go flying again, that I will be able to experience this.

AEF is definitely one of the best things to do as an air cadet and I strongly recommend it to any other cadets.

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Cdt Lockley - 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron

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