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As if last weekend wasn't busy enough this time we went one stage further by being in more than one place at the same time.

On Sunday 30th June 02 the squadron was committed to support two major community events. Firstly the 30 Signals regiment open day at Bramcote barracks and secondly the Earl Shilton carnival parade. The tricky question was how to be in two places at the same time. The answer is lots of planning and teamwork.

In the morning cadets and staff went up to Bramcote to set up the recruitment and fund raising display. They were joined by members of the squadron civilian committee who together with a small group of cadets and staff manned the stall whilst those who were members of the band returned to the squadron to pick up the rest of the band and it's equipment. A quick change of uniform and the band set off for its performance in the Earl Shilton carnival parade.

On arrival at Earl Shilton we discovered that our band had been chosen to lead the procession through the towns streets. This was quite a surprise and an honour considering that there were some local bands in the line up.

Confident of our performance last week in the Nuneaton carnival parade we felt quite sure that we could live up to expectations. As the procession set off the people of Earl Shilton were treated to our medley of many traditional marches and wartime favourites, which proved to be most popular. Possibly the most rewarding moment came when, more by luck than judgement, we came to the point in our running order when we were to play the RAF March Past just as we marched down the middle of the main street in full view of the large crowds of spectators.

Having completed the carnival procession it was time to pile back into the transport and wing our way back to the Nuneaton to drop of the band and its equipment off at the headquarters before flying back up to the Bramcote open day to help dismantle the stall. (Sorry I couldn't resist the temptation to get a couple of aeronautical terms into that bit).

All who took part in the day's events especially those who ended up at Bramcote and Earl Shilton should be justly proud of a job well done.

121 Squadron band prepares to lead the Earl Shilton carnival procession.

A proud moment, the band play the RAF March Past as they march down the main street in full view of the large crowds of spectators.

Band takes time out for a well earned rest.

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