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The winning entry for this months competition was the following caption which was submitted by P.S Take (Paul Roche)

The CO deeply regretted his decision to allow one of the cadets to take a slash in the hanger!

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Captions Submitted - In order of submission
Damn I sliced it!
It seems Elton Flately treats his aircraft the same as he treats his kicks at goal.

Submitted by: Sarah Crewe
After the damage she caused last time, you would have thought that the ACO would have ruled never to let Shankster near another aircraft!!
Submitted by: L'il Miss Noddy
'Bring on the duck tape'
Submitted by: Cdt Garratt
"It wasn't my fault boss, she said that she had control and i forgot i wasn't in the vigilant"
Submitted by Plt Off's best mate (Nathan Hart)
Jonny was to rue the day he notched his conquests on his fuselage instead of his headboard as the other guys had done.
Submitted by: Ian Jonny Comelately
hackett said hed been in a combine harvester but i thought he was joking
Submitted by: Ian Crewe
"Dear Sirs, may we take this opportunity to apologise for sending you the Vertical Blind Fitter...this error came to our attention when the Shop Fitters contacted us to complain about their display looking ' a little Plane', having sent them the Airframe Fitter, also in err. Yours Faithfully 'Acme Recruitment'."
Submitted by: youcantgetbetterthanakwifitfitter (Sams)
It may not have been one of his best landings, but it wasn't worth getting all cut up about it.
Submitted by: Jonny
The young pilot may have thought that he was the best thing since sliced bread but this time he had taken things literally.
Submitted by: Dan Jones
It was time to re-think the policy of mixing fixed and rotary winged aircraft operations.
Submitted by: Jonny
"this is what happens when you buy cheap glue! someone get the sellotape! "
Submitted by: Ben Pinner
The CO deeply regretted his decision to allow one of the cadets to take a slash in the hanger!
Submitted by: P.S Take
"Don't cry, Johnny. It's your first attempt. Everyone's first Airfix kit turns out cr ap. But be a good chap and tidy up, huh? 24 Bosnians have moved into the box!"
Submitted by : David Flynn
The CO suspicions that the cadets had been sniffing glue became clear after their homemade crafts maiden flight!
Submitted by: hi-ball
Stewardess Roche had been warned about using his nail clippers in the cockpit
Submitted by : David Flynn
If only passenger Flynn hadn't been allowed to change his underpants mid flight!
Submitted by: Klingon 'Der Krieg macht einem mehr
Unlike MFI furniture it is not advisable to throw away any parts left over after construction
Submitted by: DIY
Meanwhile, just out of camera two nuns were taking a bath. The first nun says to the second, "Where's the soap...?"
Submitted by : David Flynn
Sorry David we honestly think you have lost the plot this time.
"Look at the state of my plane?! Who the hell was onboard?"
"Er...according to the passenger list we had an F. Krueger, an E. Scissorhands and some joker who just called himself Wolverine."
Submitted by : David Flynn
Property of: The Spineless School of Flying
Submitted by: Backache
Mr. Duncan-Smith's pleasure at the flying lesson his former colleagues had clubbed together for as leaving present waned a little went he saw the aircraft.
Submitted by : David Flynn
Co pilot Hincks had been warned before about farting in the cockpit!
Submitted by: A Coworker
"I saw it all with my own eyes. But I still don't believe it. How could something like this happen? How could she back an aeroplane into a mountain?"
Submitted by : David Flynn
Even before take-off the pilot had reservations about his cargo of Bengal Tigers destined for the zoo!
Submitted by: Tigger and Pooh!
As Budgie the Little Helicopter entered the hanger he realised all the other aircraft weren't going to take him seriously as they all split their sides laughing!
Submitted by: Duchess of York
Son: 'did you fly into a fan*y daddy?'

Father: 'a fan*y son?'

Son: 'yes dad, you once told me if ever i put my 'thing' inside a fan*y it would get cut to shreds!'

Submitted by: F Craddock
'Al Aqueda pilots attempt to crash plane into Newcastles Blinking Eye Bridge fails miserably.'

Submitted by: Abridge Toofar
Revealed: an early attempt by the RAF to disguise their craft as flying fish abandoned!
Submitted by: Swordfish
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