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Image No.6 - Yet another one from HMS Bristol - Don't ask me what's happening - I dread to think what you're going to come up with this time. The winning entry for this months competition was the following caption which was submitted by Jemima Puddle Duck! (Canning)

This furry little specimen here is what we call a 'dore-mouse'.......

A very clever play on words Jemima.

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Captions Submitted - In order of submission
This furry little specimen here is what we call a 'dore-mouse'.......
Submitted by Jemima Puddle Duck! (Canning)
'The only thing that kept dobby the house elf sane when waiting on the cadets hand and foot was his pet hamster, kindly given to him by none other than Harry Potter'
Submitted by Winky the House Elf (Aimée)
DIRTY VERMIN! (and im talking about the cadet)
Submitted by Cdt Brown
The squadron mascot, 'Roger the Rodent' was somewhat worried that within this highly disciplined organisation his name could be misconstrued as an order.
Submitted by Jonny
He always slept in his glasses, ever since the time he woke up and decided to finish his Sun-Maid raisins from the night before.
Submitted by winnie-the-pooh
Harry the hampster tried to make his escape whilst the cadets other hand was otherwise engaged (holding onto the bunk - of course!)
Submitted by Mat B
The Cadet had misunderstood the directive to bring his own weekend hamper!
Submitted by Arma Geddon
"Cadet !! No! No! No!! When I shouted "Roger the Rodent" I was triumphantly recalling a cartoon character's name not issuing a direct order!"
Submitted by David Flynn
living proof that the royal navey's bunks are big enough for two!!!!
Submitted by cdt hammo
Everyone agreed that the cadet had the strangest gottee any of them had ever seen
Submitted by David Flynn
Where some might worry about being caught with such an unusual bedmate, he slept soundly with no embarassment. But then hamsters are stupid little things, aren't they?
Submitted by David Flynn
So what if all the others had tried to pull Cinderella, this Cadet had bagged her not-quite-so-attractive mate with the hairy lip. Oh, how he'd had his wicked way with her! Now, long past midnight, they slept exhausted in each others arms
Submitted by David Flynn
"Cadets obviously aren't as "Hard" as they used to be!"
Submitted by nathwhitefang
"Spot the difference!!!..............NO, Nor can I!!!!"
Submitted by nathwhitefang
"When the cadets boarded H.M.S Bristol, little did they know that they would be sleeping in the engine room, the proof of this is that one of the hamsters that was powering the ship had somehow escaped its work post and snook into some cadets bed"
Submitted by Cdt Dore
When away on duty, we all like to have something that reminds us of home, but this lad is taking creature comfort a little too far.
Submitted by Cdt Jones
the young cadet got the wrong end of the stick at the
"Petting Zoo"
Submitted by Steve Anderson
Whilst the Staff were out on the town 'Beaver hunting', one Cadet decided to take matters into his own hands and provide his own form of entertainment!
Submitted by Paul Roche
The cadet could sleep soundly now that the squadron's rodent mascot had been trained to respond to the command word Armageddon!
Submitted by Jonny
the first thing we saw when we boarded HMS Bristol was a warning sign saying that the ships cat had been scared off by an over friendly hampster!
Submitted by cdt Hammond(the big 1!)
During their foreign exchange visit to Chernobyl, cadets noticed some very strange bed bug mutations
Submitted by Bernard Tisley
The Boss's "Secret" ingredient for Spaghetti Bolognaise was saved from the pot by Cadet Dore
Submitted by Steve Anderson
Have a go at this months Caption Competition.
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