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Image No.5 - John Collins - see what caption you can come up with.
The winning entry for this months competition was the following caption which was submitted by Paul Roche

"Despite all his efforts, Mr Collins was still having trouble diverting the photographers attention away from the Misses taking a p***!"

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Have a go at this months Caption Competition.

Captions Submitted - In order of submission
Whilst John hammed it up for the cameras; his team-mates hid behind a nearby tree, passing round the biggest smoke they'd ever seen.
Submitted by David Flynn
Despite all his efforts, Mr Collins was still having trouble diverting the photographers attention away from the Misses taking a p***!
Submitted by Paul Roche
"Popeye eat your heart out!"
Submitted by D.Watson (the oldest cadet-121 squadron - joined in 1941)
John hadn't quite understood the instructions that came with his new hand held GPS (Global Positioning System). He was trying to access the wrong type of memory, god knows why, it had never worked before.
Submitted by Jonny
I made it!!!!! was te first thought that came into his head after tackling that 'mammoth' river!!!
Submitted by Beth Slade (what a piddly river it was too)
nice to see you, to see you nice
Submitted by bruce forsyth (Nick Hammond)
'' I Find it amusing to beat myself up ''
Submitted by Cdt Brown
Which way did they go? How many of them were there? how fast were they going? I must find them, I'm their leader!
Submitted by John Collins
Now let me think, where did I put the map?
Submitted by Sam Collins
" I've got carrying handles now in case I break my ankle! "
Submitted by Ben Pinner
(He needs carrying handles, I know, I carried him!)
This is where the boss said he would hit my daddy if he didn't get them back in time for tea.
Submitted by Ben Collins (Age 2)
"...and this is what I was doing before I broke my ankle....."
Submitted by Neil Watson
On the new RAF drill command "I'm a little Teapot"........
Submitted by Steve Anderson
I'm the king of the Numpties
Submitted by Andy Sumner
It suddenly dawned on Mr Collins that tube wasn't sun cream at all but extra strength superglue
Submitted by Steve Anderson
'A fearless instructor demonstrates the ancient oriental art of solo Kung-Fu'
Submitted by Bernard Tisley
Have a go at this months Caption Competition.
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