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Caption Competition May 07

The winning entry for this months competition was the following caption which was submitted by Ash Tray

Arab #1 "Smoke, Marlboro light?"
Arab #2 "Nah, I have always been a Big fan of Camels"

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Captions Submitted - In order of submission

Obviously the hovercraft is just a little too small for the Hinckley cadet in the photograph.
Submitted by Someone with hotmail account name that can't be repeated on this site

"I know Hinckley squadron said they'd go to any lengths to
finish the hovercraft on time but this is ridiculous!"

Submitted by Sgt. Bee (198 Sqn)
Arabian Car Boot Sale - Every Sunday at 10.00am
Submitted by J. Umble
It's Wing Staff's idea of horse power.
Submitted by Ian
Submitted by David Flynn

Young Camel Jockeys will do anything to put the wind up the opposition
Submitted by PK

"It's ridiculous the amount I'm expected to carry," the camel complained. "My back is breaking."
"Well, don't look now," his buddy said. "But here comes Jack Straw looking for a ride."

Submitted by David Flynn

al-Qaeda kamikaze pilot training in Afghanistan
Submitted by ????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?? ????

Air Conditioning – The latest must have for the discerning desert traveller.
Submitted by David Moss

1F ( Sahara ) Sqn, proudly show off their entry in the ‘Build a Sopworth Camel' competition
Submitted by John C

Deluxe, air-conditioned Camel
Submitted by Hannah

FRESH BREEZE attempt to make a camel smell better.
Submitted by Jonny

Camel " It has taken me four years to get into the caption competition and I bet some plonker mentions those two attention seekers in the background!"
Submitted by Gotthe Hump

Hmm those magnificent camels and their flying machines !
Submitted by Pat

Arab #1 "Smoke, Marlboro light?"
Arab#2 "Nah, I have always been a Big fan of Camels"
Submitted by Ash Tray

The richest Bedouin tribes insisted on the latest air conditioned camels
Submitted by Andy Delaney

Ahmed was disappointed that the water-cooler failed to live up to its description on ebay.
Submitted by S. Parklin

The Arab attempt to reverse engineer the British First World War Sopwith Camel single-seat fighter aircraft.
Submitted by Bob T

Just wait until the Sh*t hits the fan
Submitted by S. Preader

The British Army proudly unveil the Covert Air Mobile Enemy Locator. The latest ingenious devise to combat insurgency.
Submitted by Jonny

Abdul spent most of his pocket money 'suping-up' his Camel
Submitted by Sue Baru
Have a go at this months Caption Competition.
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