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Caption Competition Feb 07 - Squadron Leader Martin Harrison and Tiger

The winning entry for this months competition was the following caption which was submitted by Ian

Don't worry Martin, they only eat good meat.

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Captions Submitted - In order of submission
Martin had misunderstood the call for a volunteer in an episode of 'Doctor Zoo'
Submitted by: Di. Alect

Proving that he still hasn't understood camouflage, Martin desperately tries to blend in!
Submitted by: Chris Quinney

Please leave," the tiger said, somewhat dismayed. "It's not doing my ferocious reputation any good being associated with a hatless, Smurf!
Submitted by: David Flynn

Taking the tigers temperature using his sonic screwdriver seemed like a good idea at the time. Getting it back again was proving somewhat difficult.
Submitted by: Jonny

Tiger, “Touch that again and I'll bite your head off”
Submitted by: David Moss

Martin puts his latest Dr Who Power Point slides to the ultimate test. If he can put this audience to sleep it will work on anyone.
Submitted by: A survivor of the last wing training Course

As the tiger ordered ‘the usual' for breakfast – Martin realises that he had eaten the last of the Frosties for his.
Submitted by: Tom

"Thats the last time I use that dating agency" says the Tiger
Submitted by: Andy Bradshaw

"Blimey...this transfer to the cub scouts is tougher than I thought!"
Submitted by: Steve Mills

Don't worry Martin, they only eat good meat.
Submitted by: Ian

Submitted by: Pat

Winnie-the-Pooh suddenly realized that his friend Tigger was all out of bounce.
Submitted by: Jonny
Realisation suddenly dawns that he'd just sat on a cub……….
Submitted by: Nathan Adams
“Who says these internet adverts over promise, the Squadron leader answered the ad that read “ Hot 2 ‘Cat’ Action” and that was exactly what he was about to get!!”
Submitted by: Steve Anderson
“The Twycross tigers New Squeeky toy was looking a little apprehensive!!”
Submitted by: Steve Anderson
When the Thai holidays brochure mentioned stroking and Tiger Balsam this is not what Sqn Ldr Harrison had in mind!
Submitted by: Steve Mills
That neckerchief's GRRRRRRRRREAT
Submitted by: Andy Bradshaw
The Wing Training & Personnel Officer prepares himself for the 2007 Squadron Commanders' Conference by starting with the easy option.  Next week he faces OC 497 Sqn!
Submitted by: Jo

Martin suddenly realised that this was one pussy Cat! That didn't appreciate being stroked.
Submitted by: Jonny

Have a go at this months Caption Competition.
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