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Caption Competition Jan 07

The winning entry for this months competition was the following caption which was submitted by Andy Bradshaw

"... and when I woke up, I found I'd married the bloke"

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Have a go at this months Caption Competition.

The photograph was taken at the Regional 'Dining-In' night at Brampton Park Officers Mess. From left to right the officers are Flight Lieutenant Stuart Iles (Wearing the Wing Commander's jacket), Squadron Leader Bryan Coats, Wing Commander Previn Ladwa (Sporting Stuart's jacket) and an unknown pointing finger.

Captions Submitted - In order of submission

Is it true you can only be a Wing Commander if your one of the borrowers. Sqn Ldr Coats looks on in dismay having outgrown the job. 
Submitted by: Ian Crewe

The lieutenant is connected to the commander,
The commander is connected to the finger,
The finger's connected to the right hand,
I hear the Word of the Ladwa.

Dem bones dem bones dem dry bones...

Submitted by: Dr McCoy

The Wing Commander who had been suffering bouts of deafness for the past three years, suddenly realised he could hear much more clearly when the anonymous finger was removed from his ear.
Submitted by: Jo

" What's Coatsey doing with a coke - was he unwell or just sickened???"
Submitted by: Mr Anonymous

" Looking to the future ?... Regional Dinner 2009 as the sprog Iles says goodbye to his predecessor..... with the approval of divine inspiration the light of years to come!! - despite interference from fingers!!"
Submitted by: Mr Anonymous

Pravin " Wow what a nightmare!"
Submitted by: Mr Anonymous
(Well that's what he said but we know who you are)

"Please insert battery here."
Submitted by: Keith Roper

Coats mess up after unclothed Kermit found to be at Regional Dinner…….
Submitted by: Nathan Adams

There was a long ...PAUSE... as the new OC Wing was announced.  There was a long ...PAUSE... as the new OC Wing was announced.  Sorry I forgot to mention  There was a long ...PAUSE... as...........
Submitted by: Jo

"... and when I woke up, I found I'd married the bloke"
Submitted by: Andy Bradshaw
"You may now kiss the bride"
Submitted by: Andy Bradshaw
Having Super-Glued his own finger to his head during a recent aircraft-modelling accident the Wing Commander had to utilise someone else’s arms to make the after dinner presentations.
Submitted by: Jonny
Finger “Yes, Yes. I know Brian and Stuart, but who is this bloke?”
Submitted by: John C
The wing commander suddenly had a visible flash of inspiration as he came up with a cunning plan to avoid making yet another after dinner speech.
Submitted by: David Moss
The Iles-Ladwa Siamese twins, inseparable since birth - and for those of you without a colour monitor, Iles is the one on the left.
Submitted by: Apollo Gees

Squadron Leader Coats - "Gottle of Geer, Gottle of Geer"
Submitted by: Jo

As Previn congratulates Stuart on his rapid acceleration through the ranks the anonymous 'Finger' who thought the job was going to be his plans to take revenge on the former Wing Commander.
Submitted by: Jonny
Have a go at this months Caption Competition.
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