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Image No.4  - This photograph of some legs and our trailer was taken during a visit to Elan Valley The winning entry for this months competition was the following caption which was submitted by Bernard Tisley

"Part 1 of 101 things to do with a dead cadet"

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Captions Submitted - In order of submission
the officers attemp to skip the paperwork failed miserably when they realised the daed cadets legs were too long for the trailer
Submitted by FS B Slade
" Honestly sir i'm not from DIBLEY!! I'm a REAL cadet!!"
Submitted by Nathan Hart
I'm sure I left my last rolo in her somewhere!
Submitted by cdt Brown
The South Ipswich chapter of the East Anglian Caravan Club was a macho world based upon ridicule of the weak and humilation of anyone who did not fit the stereotypical hetero norm. Billy was "sensitive" and he longed to come out of the trailer. But he just couldn't risk it...
Submitted by David Flynn
Tired and exhausted, the midwife took a step back from the scene. God, how she hated it when they came feet first.
Submitted by David Flynn
Sarah wasn't like the other girls. They just dangled small teddy bears or fluffy love hearts from their rucksacks...
Submitted by David Flynn
"The RFCA designed building extension didn't quite live up to expectations."
Submitted by Steve Mills
"After being responsible for breakfast, Cdt long-legs decided it was time to demonstrate the camoflauge and concealment exercise."
Submitted by Nathan Hart.
... unfortunately he was passing the truck just as the ruck-sacks were feeling hungry!
Submitted by Paul Roche
I know you don't want to do the walk but you can't hide in there.
Submitted by Flt Lt A.J.Sumner
I've seen better legs on a sparrow.
Submitted by Flt Lt A.J.Sumner
The trailer monster is waking.
Submitted by Flt Lt A.J.Sumner
Hey boss we have a stow away.
Submitted by Flt Lt A.J.Sumner
Part 1 of 101 things to do with a dead cadet
Submitted by Bernard Tisley
Sadly rigor mortis had unfortunately set in by the time it came to get the cadets home
Submitted by Bernard Tisley
The new break shoes for the minibus didn't seem to working right.
Submitted by John Collins
We pack spare legs in case some non numpty breaks an ankle!
Submitted by John Collins
Must point out that John was the numpty that fractured his ankle.
I know that adventure training at Elan Valley is popular and transport is always a problem but this is ridiculous.
Submitted by Jonny
Have a go at this months Caption Competition.
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