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The winning entry for this months competition was the following caption which was submitted by Andy Bradshaw

One's a mass murdering, homocidal, psychopath with an uncontrolled hatred of humanity, the others a Dalek

Thanks to everyone who took part in this competition we had an outstanding number of entries for this one, perhaps it had something to do with the interesting subject matter, the Dalek! Keep up the good work.

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Have a go at this months Caption Competition.

Captions Submitted - In order of submission
Oh. So you've replaced John Phillips
Submitted by: Steve Woan

Deputy Wing Commander Greets New P Ed O.
Submitted by: Steve Woan

Dalek surrenders after BBC reveal the new Dr Who
Submitted by: Steve Woan

One is an extra Terrestrial intent on domination of the earth. The other is a Dalek
Submitted by: Steve Woan

Nice toy but I like your watch Martin.
Submitted by: Bob Stratton

"This is my new defence against the Dark Arts" he cried " and we will succeed at Regional Training day this year or else"
Submitted by John Newbery

Ebay enthusiast - Sqn Ldr M D Harrison shows off his new purchase. Commenting" Ebay has everything you need including mail order brides" " I have never been happier"
Submitted by Cpl Adams

You sure it saying dum da dum dum da dum.
I hope to write an ACP to cover this .
Submitted by Ian

Terror as martin unveils the new atc mascot and ATC marchpast... D d d dum, d d d dum, d d d der der

Submitted by Sgt Hammond

"Sqn Ldr Harrison reveals his guest for the next wing dinner!"
Submitted by Mandy Sinfield

Martin unveils the centrepiece of the latest HQ Air Cadets child protection policy toolkit.
Submitted by Dave Ross

International Rescue meets Intergalactic Menace
Submitted by D Tracy

Interspecies relationships at an all time high
Submitted by Robert Miller

"No need to call the Plumber, I'll unblock the sink" Martin told the missus
Submitted by P. Lugole

Without doubt, it was the worst ventriloquist act anyone had ever saw, especially when the Dalek threatened to "Ex-ger-min-ate! Ex-ger-min-ate!"
Submitted By David Flynn

Where do you put the rank braid on one of these things?
Submitted By Norma

"You're just like that awful Doctor going on about his Tardis," complained the camp Dalek . "He said it was bigger than it appeared, too."
Submitted By David Flynn

We know Martin has trouble extracting money out of everyone for the coffee fund at the Squadron commanders conference but this is ridiculous.
Submitted By S Litheen.

"Oi, get off my back, puppet boy," said the Dalek. "Sod off back to Tracy Island !"
Submitted By David Flynn

Remote Control Talking, New for this year, this exclusive model has infrared remote control talks, moves, glowing eye, and discharges gas. This life size replica is just like the real thing. The Daleks not bad either.
Submitted By K9

The Duty Officer for this years Annual Camps has just been unveiled....
Submitted By Nathan Adams

Serious consideration must be made in the future to the quality of some online dating agencies.
Submitted By Spencer Davies

Good God the Doctor's latest regeneration has really taken it out of him this time.
Submitted By Jonny

And you thought Davros was hideous.
Submitted By David Moss

In anger, Davros dispatches a task force of Imperial Daleks back through a Time to defeat his archenemy the Space Cadets.
Submitted By Dr Who?

Unsure if this ballroom dancing will take off as a squadron project
Submitted By Spencer Davies

Martin causes terror within the wing as he unveils his plans to get to the top of the corps!...... With a little help from a friend
Submitted By SGT Hammond

Martin was convinced the only way to take a Dalek was from behind!
Submitted By Phil McCrevice

Like father like son.
Submitted By Capt. Andy Sumner USAF AUX.

There's unrest in the ranks as the Squadron Leader unveils the new Mess Dress uniform for the Wing Dinner
Submitted By Andy Bradshaw
One's a mass murdering, homocidal, psychopath with an uncontrolled hatred of humanity
the others a Dalek

Submitted By Andy Bradshaw

This should sort out the questions and answers session at next years CO's Conference...
Submitted By Nathan Adams

Wing Training & Personnel, Deputy Wing Commander!  Rubbish This IS only the beginning
Submitted By Jo
My God - doesn't Davros look awful!
Submitted By Jo

Martin shows of his latest idea for a new cadet uniform
Submitted by Joseph

Sqn Ldr Harrison - My Whovian dream comes closer to reality every day.
Darlek - Together We Will Recruit Space Cadets Today The Wing Tomorrow The Universe. Exterminate ! Exterminate ! Exterminate !
Submitted By - Jonny

Have a go at this months Caption Competition.
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