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Image No.3  - This photograph of Flt Lt Crewe (OC 121 Squadron) was taken during a visit to Elan Valley The winning entry for this months competition was the following caption which was submitted by Wing Commander Steve Mills

"Flt Lt Crewe regretted his decision to try an ostrich egg omelette!"

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Captions Submitted - In order of submission
It would be much easier to eat using a knife and fork.
Submitted by, Andy Sumner
If only the other five would come off the ceiling there would be enough for everyone.
Submitted by, In his own words, "The Good looking bloke in the picture"
Whilst lacking the mystique of the Turin Shroud, you could not deny than the Nuneaton Omlette possesed an uncanny likeness of its creator.
Submitted by David Flynn
If you've ever managed to eat one of Ian's pancakes and survived it you'll certainly not get away with it a second time. Look out Ian, this vindictive little devil looks like it's about to launch a revenge attack.
Submitted by the RSPCP
Apparently it stands for the 'Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Pancakes'
How come you can play around with such 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' and get away with it?
Submitted by some guy calling himself Saddam Hussein
He adds, " By the way can I come over and stay with some of you guys for a while until things calm down a but over here"?
His look of abject terror was understandable. The omlette has just reared up in the pan and threatened to "Smash his chubby face in" if he goosed its behind with his spatula again.
Submitted by David Flynn
Look, I told you, you can see the face of Mr. Blobby!
Submitted by Paul Roche
Everyone looked on in amazement. Yes, it truly was a great example of omlette making but what the hell was he doing cooking it in a gents toilet rather than a kitchen?!
Submitted by David Flynn
"Oh My God! It's ALIVE!!!"
Submitted by Wing Commander Steve Mills
"Flt Lt Crewe regretted his decision to try an ostrich egg omelette!"
Submitted by Wing Commander Steve Mills
"You look like a right tosser to me boss!"
Submitted by Ben Pinner
We presume that should read 'pancake tosser'.
" If I open my mouth a bit wider do you think I could eat this in one!"
Submitted by Bernard Tisley
The cadets knew that they were in big trouble as soon as they saw the boss don his asbestos baseball cap.
Submitted by Paul H
Ian got hold of the wrong end of the stick when he was asked to trial a new range of 'In Flight' meals. This wasn't quite what British Airways had in mind.
Submitted by Jonny
It was very handy the boss had that frying pan to hand when he suffered from that sickness bug that was going around!!
Submitted by Steve Anderson
Yukky, how revolting!
Have a go at this months Caption Competition.
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