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The winning entry for this months competition was the following caption which was submitted by David Flynn

"I think I've found the problem. There's a fowl in the fuel line!"

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Captions Submitted - In order of submission

What is this? This is the first "Jimmy Riddle".
Submitted by The Oldest Cadet.

"All I did was go into KFC and ask for a 'Plain Chicken Burger' "
Submitted by Colonel Sanders

Now that the lord of the rings films are over, it's nice to see Gollum alive and well and still able to find food.
Submitted by John Collins

The introduction of the ATC's latest scarecrow had resulted in a significant increase in bird mortality rates. It's so hideous many of them are taking their own lives.
Submitted by David Moss

Someone forgot to tell Jim that, in his new job as 'airfield bird hazard controller' he was supposed to clear the birds away FROM! the aircraft on WITH! the aircraft.
Submitted by Jonny

"I shouted "DUCK" but the stupid thing just shouted "HUMAN" back at me!"
Submitted by David Flynn

I suppose a job as an Airfix test pilot is out of the question.
Submitted by Jim himself

Mr Taylor looked all around the plane to fined what was wrong with it until he found the football mascot dressed like a bird stuck in the front!
Submitted by Loopy loo

Jim finally gets to appear on his favourite TV show, ' Sesame Street '. Taking 'Big Bird' out in the process may have been a little extreme.
Submitted by B Bird

"I think I've found the problem. There's a fowl in the fuel line!"
Submitted by David Flynn

So, Jim finally came up with a way of supplementing the RAF training ration allowance?
Submitted by Someone who said they know what Jim's cooking is like.

So what will be the chance of convincing the Boss this wasn't me?
Submitted by Sarah Crewe

Jim had failed to read an important instruction on the bird-strike testing gun. "Defrost Bird before use"
Submitted by David Moss

Its the only bird he'll ever catch. But i think we can safely say he has pulled that one
Submitted by Ian Crewe

A change in strategy from the Chicken Run Kamikaze Squadron sees them shift their attention from marine to aerial targets.
Submitted by David Flynn

Jim was so excited about the squadron B-B-Que that evening.  Now everyone could have chicken wings he gleefully pointed out.
Submitted by John Collins

Someone wipe the smile off his face and tell WO Taylor that even in that condition the bird is still taller than he is.
Submitted by An unknown hotmail address

Indisputable proof that Rod Hull did not fall from the roof of his house!
Submitted by Glove Puppet

Passenger: "How fresh is the chicken on the in-flight menu?"
Flight attendant: "Oh, pretty fresh."

Submitted by David Flynn

Wily Coyote finally catches up with the Road Runner. "Now go 'Beep Beep' you little blighter"
Submitted by : Jonny
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Have a go at this months Caption Competition.
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