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This is a fantastic one for all you budding caption writers but please remember we will not be able to use your caption if it contains language or subject matter, which we consider unsuitable for our site.

The winning entry for this months competition was the following caption which was submitted by Ben Pinner

"in this lesson I am going to demonstrate how to play a bottom C"

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Captions Submitted - In order of submission

This one time at band camp.I put a trumpet up my......
I think that's enough Pontin's tales Miss Easterlow !

Submitted by Ben Pinner

Amy knew that swallowing chewing gum in its tinfoil wrapper was a mistake. Now, every time she passed wind, her farts possessed a strange metallic outer shell.
Submitted by David Flynn
Amee was not impressed! She thought she was very cleaver playing the trumpet from her ar*e, until she turned to see the boss playing the tuba from his.
Submitted by Amee
Yes,I can play it like this boss, I just cant march very well
Submitted by The Boss

And now stick your instruments up you're a*s*, and we'll all be able to march like Mr Anderson
Submitted by Anonymous

I said Blow! not suck!
Submitted by Jonny

"Amee! That's not what I meant by 'between your LIPS!'
Submitted by V.Rude

OK! Steve you can play your trumpet, just get out from up there will you!
Submitted by Amee

come on hammo put the base drum on my back. the one man band comp starts in a minute!
Submitted by MRS SMITHE
We're not marching behind her
Submitted by S Melly
yes boss you were right, you can play out your a*** better than me! and this is how you play trumpet and harmonica at the same time
Submitted by MRS SMITHE
I said Hum! the tune and I'll play it.
Submitted by Anonymous
"parp"- "oh no! did anybody hear that?"
it was'nt me!  honest!

Submitted by MRS SMITHE
Arent instruments fun!!!
Submitted by Sarah Johnson
"in this lesson I am going to demonstrate how to play a bottom C"
Submitted by Ben Pinner
We're just waiting for Steve now, one more push and I'll have him out of here!
Submitted by Anonymous
"Does my bum look big in this?"
Submitted by F.A. Tass
"Where would you like me to put your tea ma'am?" "Do I really need to answer that?!"
Submitted by Ben Pinner
Flt lt Hincks had his suspicions that the girls were hiding the Bugle Boy somewhere in the Dorm.
Submitted by: Kid Napp
"Do you know the Trumpets Up My Bum?"
"You hum it and I'll **** it!"

Submitted by W. Histler
"Amy! Stop sitting on the Flt Lt's horn!"
Submitted by: Ivor
"A dramatic decline in Recruits put extra pressure on Cadets to play more than one instrument on Carnival day"
Submitted by: Cleve Rarse
"why don't you just kiss my trumpet!"
Submitted by Ben Pinner
"Amy's boyfriend finally took the hint when shown where not to put it!"
Submitted by Paul Roche

This was not what the CO meant when he asked instructor to show the brass section how to avoid those all embarrassing bum notes.
Submitted by: D Moss

All the right notes, not necessarily from the right place.
Submitted by: Jonny

Have a go at this months Caption Competition.
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