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This image was taken during last years Squadron Christmas Concert Party. The re-enactment of a story called the Viking Warrior. The two on the right with the horns are the Viking raiders and the one on the left in the dress is, well the closest thing we could find at the time to a defenceless British maiden.  (Ben in a dress).
The winning entry for this months competition was the following caption which was submitted by Jemima

After a long night on the booze, the blonde, leggy 'stunner' the viking lads brought back last night slowly comes into focus. "Now that's what i call a 5 pinter", quips Viking Hincks. I think Viking Crewe failed to see the funny side......

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Captions Submitted - In order of submission
They all thought is was a great idea to wear the blue uniform next week for a change
Submitted by John Collins
Having seen the women Vikings Hincks and Crewe decide to settle for just the pillage.
Submitted by John Collins
Maiden: "It is usual for the prisoner's last request to concern the manner of execution. Do you wish to be hung like a Norse?"

Viking: "Too right! But what goods it gonna do me? I'm going to be executed, right?"

Submitted by David Flynn
As the Viking warriors entered the village intent on abducting and ravaging the local Welsh maidens they suddenly began to understand why the local men found the sheep so attractive.
Submitted by Jonny
Every time they raided Nuneaton the Viking warriors terrorised the local folk with horrendous acts of rape and pillage........well, definitely pillage!
Submitted by David Flynn
Nuneaton's first all new 'Gay-Bar', dress code optional.
Submitted by Ben Doon and Phil McCrevis
There was a young lady called Ben
Who fancied a Viking called Sven
On the night of the dance
She ran off with Lance
And left Hincksey with all the young men!

Submitted by W Shakespeare
Nice one Shakespeare
This one gets my vote but I'm outnumbered
Bee Gee auditions for a Maurice replacement
Submitted by RIP
The candidates would stoop to any lengths to vie for the 'pink' vote at the 'officer-of-the-year' award ceremony.
Submitted by JClarey
Ben had to concede that shoving the light bulb up his arse to make his voice a little more falsetto had not been one of his brightest ideas.
Submitted by Paul Roche
Fame Academy Rejects!
Submitted by leroy
After a long night on the booze, the blonde, leggy 'stunner' the viking lads brought back last night slowly comes into focus. "Now that's what i call a 5 pinter", quips Viking Hincks. I think Viking Crewe failed to see the funny side......
Submitted by Jemima xxx
Meanwhile, just behind the playhouse two nuns were riding down a cobbled street on a tandem. One says to the other, "I haven't come this way before..."
Submitted by David Flynn
Sorry David we honestly think you have lost the plot again this time. What is it with the nuns and you?
thomas : my god hagar these english women are ugly...

hagar: never mind her, where the hell did you get that shirt and what is that on your head?

Submitted by Paul Sutton
Getting this pantomine organised was turning out to be a right "meeting of the ATC Executive"
Submitted by David Flynn
' hey the 1 on the left looks like davey crockets wife'
Submitted by Cdt Brown
"I don't see what's so funny," the female chemist protested to her Swedish cutomers. "I was only asking if the deoderant you wanted was ball or aerosol..."
Submitted by David Flynn
Lose the 'stick-on-moustache', it just don't go with the rest of the outfit!
submitted by 'GrouchoMarx'
The Cowardly Cross-Dressing Lion wanted the Wizard to give him the courage to come out. The Tinfoil Man wanted a heart to thank Nana properly for the lovely jumper. The Scared Cro-Magnon wanted a brain but he had absolutely no idea why.
Submitted by David Flynn
Nuneaton Air Cadets fail dismally in their attempt attract the required quota for a Village People tribute band.
Submitted by 'londonpride'
Each of the three Vickys agreed that the World Tour of 850 AD had started disappointingly in Hull, Mablethorpe and Great Yarmouth but picked up no end when it progressed to Brighton and San Francisco
Submitted by David Flynn
During their time in Colditz POW camp (the Nazis' most escape proof prison) Allied officers managed to produce, amongst numerous other items, escape tunnels, fake passports, uniforms and even a fully functional Glider through whatever means they could. Some 50+ years later the Nuneaton Aircadets manage to assemble a less than convincing bloke in a dress, a bloke in a bed sheet with a bowl covered in cooking foil, and a bloke in a plastic Viking hat from Asda. It's a good job Hitler isn't alive today!
Submitted by itaintalfhotmum
Atomic Kitten try out their brand new image for the first time
Submitted by David Flynn
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