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This photograph of Flt Lt Crewe (OC 121 Squadron) was taken during a visit to the submarine museum in Portsmouth.This, the first 'Caption Competition' hosted by aircadetonline attracted some fantastic entries. In fact when it came to getting the Squadron staff to judge the competition it was difficult to agree upon a winner. Eventually this caption that was submitted by somebody who withheld their name managed to score the most points.

"wing commander sighted load torpedo tubes 1-4 and fire at mills"

I can't imagine why they wouldn't want to have their name publicised. I'm sure that Wing Commander Mills would love to personally congratulate the budding comedian responsible for such an entry.
I must point out before the subsequent Courts-martial, that I didn't vote for this entry, honest!

Captions Submitted
"Has anyone seen my hat? Hmm.....I wonder if its up there"
Submitted by Cadet Lockley (Aimée)
" Theres Klingons on the starboard bow!!"
Submitted by Ben Pinner
"Warrant Officer, I recon that if you bring that box over here you will be able to see this".
Submitted by Paul Kitchen
"Oh my god its full of navy Seamen!!"
Submitted by cadet Brown
"His name was Ian, and he worked the fastest periscope in the west!"
(To be sung, -ernie, the fastest milkcart in the west)
Submitted by Sarah Crewe
"Ive been to all the clothing stores in the Country trying to get a hat with a peak on the back !."
Submitted by Ian Crewe
"Number two, You can see our house from here"
Submitted by Paul Roche
"My god, I can't see anything though this contraption, it's all steamed up. Someone open a window, it's too hot in here".
On receiving this order the rest of the submarines company realised that the Airforce officer exchange program had been a terrible mistake.
Submitted by Paul
"oh my god its a Cadet drowning, some one save him, otherwise there will be far to much paper work to do !!"
Submitted by WO Lamb 2438 Sqn
"Norman had joined the Navy to escape his mother but Mrs. Bates just wouldn't let go. Often she sat in the window behind him, a silhouette over his left shoulder".
Submitted by David Flynn
"Brilliant idea Ian, he he he, by disguising my self as one of those submariners those pesky cadets wont even think of looking for me in this sub! oh better watch out now here they come, he he he."
Submitted by Cdt James Dore, 121 sqn
It's at times like this that the airforce officer has comfort in the fact that the Navy say that Submarines are safer than aircraft. The proof is in the fact that there are more aircraft in the water than submarines in the air!
Submitted by Paul
"wing commander sighted load torpedo tubes 1-4 and fire at mills"
Ouch!!! Name withheld for some reason I can't imagine why.
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