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Air cadets from Nuneaton and Bedworth joined cadets from other units within the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing for an insight into service life on the front line during their summer camp at the largest and busiest fast-jet base in the Royal Air Force

Youngsters belonging to 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Air Training Corps have just returned from summer camp at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland the home base of the famous 617 Dambusters Squadron

During their time at RAF Lossiemouth the cadets had a jam-packed week of new and exiting experiences. They were given a full tour of the Tornado Operational Conversion Unit which gave all the cadets the opportunity to get a close look at one of the RAF’s front line combat aircraft, the Tornado GR4 as flown by the modern day 617 Squadron.

The cadets also got a flight in one of the RAF’s search & rescue Sea King helicopters. Fourteen year old Cadet Grant Robey from Whitestone in Nuneaton who was on his first camp as an Air Cadet described the flight in the 202 Squadron Sea King as, “Absolutely Amazing”. He added “I’ve been flying with the cadets several times before but the Sea King flight was something quite different. I’ve seen the distinctive yellow search & rescue Sea King helicopters before and we all know what an amazing job their crews have to do. We were all so thrilled to get a flight in a Sea King without having to get into the position of needing to be rescued”.

The cadets training programme also included a visit to the stations RAF Police dog section where they saw the dogs in action searching for explosives, thankfully it was just an exercise, however not wanting to take any chances the cadets also visited the fire section where they got a ride in one of the fire engines. Another highlight of the camp featured a trip to the neighbouring base RAF Kinloss where the cadets were given a tour of the Maritime Reconnaissance Nimrods.

Every year, Air Cadets are given the chance to attend an annual camp on an operational RAF station but this year’s camp at RAF Lossiemouth has given our young cadets a valuable opportunity to get first hand experience of what life is like on stations operating the RAF’s front line aircraft. The training programme for the cadets was full of action and adventure. This year the cadets underwent high ropes leadership training, night exercises, constant uniform and room inspections and lots of drill as well as getting a full tour of all the aircraft and support sections on the station.

As well as visiting RAF stations Air Cadets have the opportunity of going flying, gliding and taking part in all kinds of action, adventure and sports. If you've got what it takes, commitment and the willingness to have a go, why not "Join Our Team".
Cadets inspect Tornado GR4 – Click to enlargeRAF Lossiemouth Tornado GR4 of 617 Dambusters Squadron – Click to enlarge
RAF Kinloss Maritime Reconnaissance Nimrods – Click to enlarge
Air Cadets get a flight in the RAF Lossiemouth 202 Squadron Sea King.– Click to enlarge
Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing Air Training Corps Summer Camp RAF Lossiemouth 21 ~ 28 Jul 2007

Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing Air Training Corps Summer Camp RAF Lossiemouth 21 ~ 28 Jul 2007

RAF Halton crest

RAF Lossiemouth

RAF Lossiemouth, situated on the North East Coast of Scotland, is home to 3 operational squadrons of Tornado GR4s, the Tornado GR4 Operational Conversion Unit, a Sea King Search & Rescue Flight, an RAF Regiment Field Squadron and an RAF Regiment Auxiliary Squadron, as well as an extensive range of operational, logistic and administrative support functions.

The Stations day-to-day task is to train and prepare for the projection of air power on operations world-wide. The commitment of people and aircraft to current operations is wide-ranging and continuous: together with the rest of the RAF, Lossiemouth makes pivotal contribution to the defence and security interests of the UK.

RAF Cranwell crest RAF Kinloss

RAF Kinloss is home to the RAF's Nimrod MR2 aircraft. The Nimrod is capable of operating in a variety of roles inlcuding: communications and surveillance support to ground forces; maritime reconnaissance; anti-submarine warfare; and search and rescue. As well as maintaining a permanent deployment in the Middle East since 2001, Nimrods have been invovled in numerous operations both in the UK and abroad over recent years, making it one of the busiest platforms in the RAF's inventory.

Nimrods are operated by No's: 42(Reserve); 120 and 201 Squadron. There are 13 crew on board the aircraft: 2 pilots and a flight engineer operate on the flight deck; and 3 Weapons System Officers and 7 Weapons Systems Operators who operate the sophisticated sensors, communications and computers that comprise the mission system.


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