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Crunchy Bug Trial

On Tuesday 15th August, Cadets, Staff and Civilian Committee members of 121 Nuneaton Squadron took part in a sponsored Crunchy Bug, Bush Tucker Trial.

The Crunchy Bug Trial was the latest in a series of sponsored events being held in order to raise funds to replace the Squadron’s minibus that was recently written-off in an accident.

The Crunchy Bug Trial idea was the brain child of Sgt Barber who had the impression that some of the female members of the Squadron were feeling a bit left out, not having been able to take part in the Pay for Pain fundraiser which so happened to have been restricted to the male members of the Squadron, not really sure how we let that happen in the first place. Anyway, the news of the Crunchy Bug Trial came as a rather unpleasant surprise to the girls many of whom made it quite clear that they didn’t see the funny side of Sgt Barber’s latest bright idea.

Thankfully many of the female members of the Squadron finally decided to step up to the mark and have a go. Strangely, so did some of the males.

Anyway we eventually dug up the courage and the bugs and did the Crunchy Bug Trial. The bugs may be full of protein, however I don’t think it’s something that any of us will be wanting to repeat in a hurry.



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