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Excellent performance in the Banner Drill

When it comes to the drill competitions things get really competitive and those Squadrons with qualified DI’s and indoor facilities to train have a distinct advantage. Having said that, thanks to an amazing amount of hard work and what I can only describe as an outstanding performance by out Banner team we actually managed to attain Fourth place in the Banner Drill this year. How brilliant is that!

As with any formation within the forces, being chosen to carry or escort your units Banner comes as a great honour and is normally reserved for the most senior members of the Squadron.

But with only weeks of training before they were expected to parade their banner in competition against 26 other units, the five members of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron, all but one of whom had never had any previous Banner Drill training found themselves well and truly in the spotlight.

The Banner Drill Competition, requires the Banner Bearer and escorts to undertake a complex sequence of ceremonial drill manoeuvres all of which represent the uncasing, parading and re-casing of the Squadron Banner.

Officer Commanding 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks said, “I would like to thank our Banner team for all their hard work over the past weeks. In the very best traditions of the Squadron they all stepped up to the mark and paraded our Banner with the honour and pride that it deserves”.

“We didn't win the competition and you wouldn't think that we had much to shout about, but quite the opposite, coming forth against such stiff competition is most certainly something to be justly delighted with”.


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