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121 (Nuneaton) Squadron ran a Balloon Race during the 30 Signals regiment open day at Bramcote barracks near Nuneaton on Sunday 06 July 2008. Some of you may have been fortunate enough to have been able to buy a ticket prior to the event or you may have thrown caution to the wind and splashed out on a balloon on the day and had the pleasure of releasing it yourself.

We can now announce that we have had 16 balloon tickets returned by post and that the balloon that travelled the furthest distance of 102 miles was balloon number 0363 which was found in the East Riding area of Yorkshire.
Prizewinners in the 2008 Air Cadet Balloon Race are:


Balloon Number


1 st


T Mayoll

2 nd


J Cooke

3 rd


K Green

Winning Balloon Finder

G Stephenson
of Shipton Thorpe, Yorkshire

We have plotted the position in which all the returned tickets were found. Click on the map to see where they all landed.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from the Wing and within the local community who took part in our Balloon Race for their support.

Balloon Race - Cadets  release the next batch of balloons from the Air Cadet stand - Click to enlarge

Click on the map to see where the 13 returned balloons landed

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