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Air Cadets help ASDA shoppers Fly! through the checkouts

On Sunday 21 st October, Nuneaton based Air Cadets were packing bags in the towns ASDA superstore in a bid to raise much needed funds.

The Air Cadets true to their name, were helping shoppers Fly! Through the checkouts during their six hour marathon bag pack, which thanks to the generosity of ASDA customers raised an outstanding sum of £954.63

Air Cadet Cpl Matthew Carrington shows the way for ASDA shoppers to Fly! Through the checkouts

Officer Commanding 121 ( Nuneaton ) Squadron, Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks said, “This was the first time we had tried bag packing as a way of raising funds for the Squadron and I am delighted to say that it was extremely successful in every respect. The Squadrons Cadets, Staff and Civilian Committee members who took part did an excellent job packing the bags and worked well with the ASDA staff who were most friendly and helpful. We also received so many encouraging comments regarding the behaviour, turnout and helpfulness of the cadets from customers as they came through the checkouts”.

“On behalf of the whole Squadron I would take this opportunity to thank ASDA for this wonderful bag packing opportunity and send a massive thank-you to the ASDA customers for their outstanding generosity. The money raised will go a long way to enabling the Squadron to continue to provide activities for the Nuneaton based Air Cadets”.

Air Cadet Cpl Reece Leatham and Cadet Samuel Baynes packing bags in the Nuneaton ASDA superstore.

Air Cadets Atlanta Curless and Holly Odam helping shoppers Fly! through the checkouts during their six hour marathon bag pack.

Air Cadet Cpl Taras Andrusin packing bags for customers in ASDA

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