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Almost there in the modelling

Nuneaton Based Air Cadets came so close to success in the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing modelling competitions this year, gaining second place in both the Diorama and Individual sections of the competition with some truly outstanding entries.

The Diorama this year by cadets Gibson, Chilton and Dreszer, was based on the theme, the RAF in Film, for which the cadets chose the 1969 British war film Mosquito Squadron, during which the RAF De Havilland Mosquitos were tasked with bombing an underground tunnel where new weapons based on the V-1 were being constructed by the Germans.
The diorama featured three Mosquitos dropping "Highball" bombs, in an attempt to bounce their way into the tunnel.
The "Highball" bomb was a smaller version of the bouncing bomb that had been used in the Dambusters raid the difference being that the Highball had been designed to bounce on land.

The three aircraft modelled, display the Squadron Code Letters HT-E, HT-F and HT-G as used in the film and even more interestingly a photograph shown along with the diorama of Mosquito HT-E that was used in the making of the film has been hanging in our OC’s office for years and its significance to our diorama has only recently been realised.

The Individual model by Cadet Bohdan Mandziuk was of a 1:48 scale Grumman F9F Panther. Bohdan did an especially good job with getting this model completed given the time he was given. On the Friday night before the competition the aircraft had all manner of parts such as the undercarriage that still needed to be assembled and it also needed some paintwork and the decals to be applied.

Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks said, “The cadets have put a tremendous amount of effort into the aircraft models this year, paying particular attention to many of the small details that could easily be missed. The end result, a more than well-deserved second place in both competitions, all said, an outstanding result for our modellers.


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