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An Eye for Detail in Aircraft Modelling

Preparation for the Air Cadet aircraft modelling competition is always a very difficult and stressful time for those who are taking part. They never seem to get sufficient time to prepare for the competition and are no doubt constantly thinking that their creation will never be ready on time.

However this year, the aircraft modelling team from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron managed to complete their diorama just in time for the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing aircraft modelling competition and thanks to some well place instruction in modelling techniques form Civilian Instructor Ray Ball who has recently joined the Squadron, we managed to snatch a well-deserved second place in the competition.

The theme for this year’s diorama was basic trainers of the Royal Air Force. So In keeping with the theme, the modelling team stepped way back through the ages to produce a timeline of four of the of the RAF’s most iconic basic trainers starting in the 1930’s with the de Havilland Tiger Moth and then moving on to 1945 with the Chipmunk, followed by the 1970’s Scottish Aviation Bulldog and finally the RAF’s current elementary trainer the Grob Tutor T Mark 1 as used by the Air Cadet Air Experience Flights.

Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Flight Lieutenant Paul Hincks said, “The cadets have put a tremendous amount of effort into the aircraft models this year, paying particular attention to many of the small details that could easily be missed, such as the colour and type of the helmets used by the pilots and the students, things most cadets wouldn’t have thought about. The end result, four truly excellent aircraft models and a more than well-deserved second place in the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing aircraft modelling diorama competition”.

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