For most people flying means going on holiday. They will never take control of an aircraft themselves but for 10 young Cadets from 121( Nuneaton ) Squadron Air Training Corps who recently took to the skies over Shropshire when they visited RAF Cosford, taking control was what it was all about.

For many of the cadets it was their first Air Experience Flight (AEF) in the single engine Grob Tutor, Each cadet got a flight which lasted about 25 mins, not long by holiday flight standards but an AEF flight is completely different.

During an Air Experience Flight the pilot taxis out to the runway, takes off and finds some clear airspace. Depending on the conditions at the time the pilot may offer you the opportunity to try some aerobatics, alternately you may be given the chance of taking control of the aircraft yourself.

When the pilot hands over the control of the aircraft, you will hear the words "You have control." You then place your had and the control column and your feet on the rudder peddles and reply “I have control sir” and that's it, you're now flying one of the RAF's Grob Tutor's. Don't worry, the pilot will guide you through the controls and you may even get the chance to try out one or two aerobatic manoeuvres yourself. No other youth group could offer you such an opportunity.

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