121 Squadron Cadets Take to the Skies

Cadets Guy Gibson, and yes! you read that correctly, Bromley and Dreszer today took to the skies at No' 8 AEF RAF Cosford and completed their first flight in a Tutor aircraft.

The cadets met at the Squadron HQ nice and early 07:00hrs. A time when most of you would be happily tucked up in bed and in the land of dreams. However it was evident even at that time that it was going to be a beautiful day weather wise, one could say a perfect day for flying.

The journey to RAF Cosford was uneventful apart from the conversation about flying by the cadets. The words Terrified, Nervous, Worried ETC were repeatedly used, no amount of persuasion would quell the fears. However in true 121 Sqn style the cadets shrugged off their obvious fears and one by one were lead out to the aircraft for their inaugural flight.

As predicted all the cadets landed safely with no issues and again as foretold they all had huge smiles on their faces and said it was one of the most amazing “Sick” things they had done, (I think “sick” is good in this context, excuse my age! It did mean something else when I was flying in Chipmunks).

Anyway the journey home was interesting listening to the cadets planning their next flying escapades. Because it was such a lovely hot day, a trip to Costco was called for to replenish the cadets both in food and drink. 

Thank you to 8 AEF for providing such a wonderful experience for 3 cadets from 121 (Nuneaton) sqn.



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