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Cadets from both Nuneaton and Hinckley travelled some 60 miles to RAF Little Rissington in the Cotswolds to undergo a Gliding Introduction Course (GIC). Unfortunately when they arrived at the airfield it was too foggy to fly and there was little hope of the conditions improving. The cadets were given the opportunity to have a look at and sit in the Vigilant motor glider before starting the long journey home. Suddenly an alternative plan emerged. One of 637's latest recruits just happens to be an Air Lloadmaster with No.99 Squadron at RAF Brize-Norton. Instead of going home the cadets were on their way to visit 99 Sqn and have a look around one of their C17 Globemaster aircraft.

The Boeing C17 Globemaster is the latest type of aircraft to enter RAF service, in fact, the one the cadets visited had only 100 hours on the clock. The C17 has been acquired in order to meet the Strategic Defence Review commitment for a short-term enhancement of the RAF's airlift capability. The C17 is capable of carrying a wide variety of heavy equipment, ranging from a Challenger tank or three Warrior armoured vehicles, to a Chinook or three of the Army's new Apache attack helicopters. In this role the C17 will make a major contribution to the effectiveness of the new Joint Rapid Reaction Forces, and will significantly enhance the RAF's airlift capabilities.

From the outside the Globemaster is an extremely impressive aircraft however, it's only when you enter the cargo bay that you realise just how immense it really is.

The cadets really enjoyed their visit to RAF Brize-Norton. Thanks to 99 Squadron who saved the day for our cadets with such a golden opportunity to have a look around a tremendous aircraft.


RAF Brize-Norton Crest


Boeing C17 Globemaster
Facts and Figures
Engines: Four Pratt & Whitney F117-PW-100 turbofans, with a total thrust of 166,800 lb (742.2kN).
Span: 169ft 9in (51.74m)
Length: 174ft (53.04m)
Max Cruise Speed: 403mph (648km/h)
Accommodation: Flight deck crew of two plus one loadmaster, with additional seats on flightdeck for observers or releif aircrew. Up to 102 troops/paratroops; 48 litter and 54 ambulatory patients and attendants; 18 pallets; maximum payload 170,900lbs (76,644kg) .
Recognition: In common with many other military transport aircraft, the C17 features a high 'T-tail', shoulder-mounted wings and a swept rear fuselage containing the loading ramp. The main wheels are housed in external blisters to maximise main cabin space.

99 Sqn. Crest on C17 engine cover

Cadets about to board C17

The C17 cargo bay

99 Sqn. C17 Globemaster

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