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Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing Made it Happen

Members of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron joined a more than enthusiastic group of Cadets and Staff who formed the Support Team for the 75th Anniversary Flagship Celebration at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell, were vital to the success of the event.

Royal Air Force Air Cadets from the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing Event Support Party, key to the success of the 75th Anniversary Flagship Celebrations at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell,

On Saturday August 13th Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing provided a Cadet Working Party in support of the Flagship Celebration at RAFC Cranwell. We were tasked to provide up to 90 Staff and Cadets, our responsibilities included car parking in 3 designated areas , vehicle check point, main entry control, litter picking  throughout the day, as well as additional tasks whereby more demands where put on our already overstretched team and on the Sunday a  “clean up”.

Commandant Air Cadets, Air commodore, Dawn McCafferty, personally congratulated the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing Support Party for all the hard work that they had put into making the historic day such a success.

One of the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing’s working parties - Catching a short-lived break.

Much to the delight of the cadets and staff, Air commodore, McCafferty actually joined one of the clean-up working parties during a Fod-Plod of the site and really got stuck into the job of painstakingly collecting the remains of the firework display. Once the area was clear there was plenty of opportunity for the cadets to get their selfies with the Commandant before she thanked the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing Support Party for their efforts, most notably saying, “Without You and all the hard work you have all put into this weekend this event simply could not have happened”

Commandant Air Cadets, Air commodore, Dawn McCafferty joined the Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing’s cadets for a morning after Fod-Plod of the College grounds.

Following the event Sqn Ldr Bob Foster said, "It goes without saying that we were not given the most glamorous tasks. I wanted our Wing to provide all the resource and take sole ownership of the tasks required and not rely on another Wing for support, furthermore to adopt the “can do” attitude despite the challenges ahead and you know what, we nailed it." 

"Despite not being in the “limelight” of the parade the support we gave was essential and what we achieved on the day and the aftermath is testimony to our hard work and resolve all the Staff and Cadets involved you were fabtastic! and I am so very proud to have headed up a great team".

The Regional Commandant and the Assistant Regional Commandant also expressed their appreciation for all the hard work and recognised that the team from Warwickshire & Birmingham wing were the ”unsung heroes” on the day.

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