Five-A-Side Teams did their bit for their Squadron

When 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron’s Junior and Senior teams took part in the in this year’s Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing five-a-side football competition hopes were high for success.

121 Squadron 5-A-Side Senior team

Things didn’t start to well for the Senior team who lost 4-1 to 163 Squadron with Cdt Cpl Dykes  scoring the 121 Squadron goal. However the Juniors did put up a Stirling fight with both Cadets Mouncer and Neale scoring fine goals in their match that sadly ended in a 3–2 defeat for 121 Squadron .

121 Squadron 5-A-Side junior team

Unfortunately neither the Junior or Senior teams managed to get past their first match but that wasn’t for the lake of trying.

Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Flt Lt Paul Hincks said, “The Squadron’s five-a-side lads played really well and when the Junior team got two goals we thought we were really in with a chance of winning. Both teams played well and we couldn’t have asked for more

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