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30 Signals regiment open day

Royal Air Force Air Cadets, Staff and Civilian Committee members from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron had a brilliant day out at the 30 Signals Regiment Open Day at Gamecock Barracks.

The 121 Squadron cadets found themselves in the spotlight during two of the open day’s main events. The first of which was in the inter service Tug-of-War tournament when they took on the Warwickshire Police Cadets in a hard fort challenge to see which team of cadets could tug the opposition across the line.

As the two teams of cadets took up the strain on the rope it was plain to see that both sides were going to give everything they had to come out on top. The Police cadets won the first pull but the Air Cadets weren’t going down that easily and fort back to win the second pull.

So it was all down to the last of three rounds, however, despite a tremendous effort the Air Cadets just couldn’t hold on against the Police Cadets and the final score was 2 – 1 to the Police Cadets.  

Later on in the day the 121 Squadron Air Cadets took to the main arena to conduct a demonstration of the Naval Field Gun Run. The Cadet Field Gun Run has been one of the headline, main arena events of the Gamecock Barracks Open Day for many years and the Air Cadets Gun Team from 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron were all set to continue the tradition.

Unfortunately, during the week before the big day they found out that the team they were expecting to run against couldn’t attend. So in keeping with one of the best armed forces core skills, it was time for some last minute improvisation and a change of plan (or panic, as it’s commonly known in civvy street). But just where do you get a team of ten to Run the Gun at such short notice?

In a desperate bid, not to let the side down, the Squadrons Gun team decided to go ahead on their own and entered the arena to conduct the Gun Run, treating the large enthusiastic audience to a display featuring all the excitement and teamwork that has become synonymous with the competitive Gun Runs.

Flt Lt Paul Hincks Officer Commanding 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron said, “We had an excellent number of cadets turn out to help out with our fund raising and recruiting effort and the enthusiasm shown by our Tug-of-War and Field Gun Run teams was truly outstanding”.

“Everyone who turned out Cadets, Staff and Civilian Committee members did their Squadron and themselves proud and I would extend a massive thank you to everyone involved”.

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