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The Air Training Corps is staffed by adult volunteers who are essential to the running of local squadrons. If you are between 20 and 55 years of age and are willing to give up some of your time to lend a hand then we would love to hear from you. Most adult members of ATC staff start off as Civilian Instructors (CIs) or members of the Squadron's Civilian Committee. After serving some time as a Civilian Instructor it may be possible for you to move into the uniformed service as an ATC Adult Senior Non Commissioned Officer (SNCO) or apply for a Commission in the Training Branch of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR(T)).

Each squadron has an established number of adult instructors and uniformed staff 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron currently has a requirement for additional Civilian Instructors. If your interested in joining the corps in a uniformed post we may not have a vacancy at the time, don't be put off, the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing is always looking for adult volunteers. 121 squadron has in recent years helped to train many uniformed members of staff who have subsequently been transferred to other units. Six officers that have served with 121 Squadron have even gone on to command other units within the wing

If you are interested in becoming an adult volunteer with 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron why not come down to our headquarters on the Ribbonfields, off Attleborough Road, Nuneaton on any Tuesday or Friday evening
between 19:30 - 21:45 hrs and have a chat with our CO.
If you live outside of the Nuneaton and North Warwickshire area you should contact either of the following to find out the location of your nearest unit.

Headquarters Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing.
Headquarters Air Cadets RAF Cranwell

Civilian Instructors
CI's are adult volunteers who attend squadron parades and help the uniformed staff to organise squadron activities and instruct cadets in a diverse ranging subject matter. Of special interest to us as CIs are people who have served in the Armed or Cadet Forces or who are able to pass on knowledge in a specialised subject (i.e. adventure training, communications, propulsion, aircraft operation etc.). However a volunteer from any walk of life who is prepared to spend the time to help out will be contributing greatly in some shape or form.

Staff Appointments - Norma Easterlow

Civilian Committee members
A civilian committee, made up of adult volunteers, often leading members of the local community, is dedicated to supporting the squadron. The committee does this by acting as an interface between the squadron and the community as well as providing other vital functions such as fund raising, looking after the welfare of cadets and acting as a 'think-tank' producing ideas which will enhance the squadron within the local community. Our Civilian Committee meetings are generally held on a two monthly basis.

Honorary Chaplain
Each squadron has its own honorary chaplain, who as well as being a member of the civilian committee, also provides guidance and leadership in moral, spiritual and community matters for our young people from every kind of faith and community background.

ATC Senior Non Commissioned Officer (SNCO)
If you are between 20 and 55 years old and prepared to commit yourself to the extra responsibilities of becoming a uniformed member of staff, you may be considered for a post as an Adult ATC Senior Non Commissioned Officer. Most SNCO's teach drill and weapon training and are responsible for routine squadron discipline they will also be expected to instruct cadets in many other subjects. On appointment as an adult Sergeant you will be required to attend an initial SNCO Staff Initial Training Course at RAF Cranwell during your first year of service. After 4 years of satisfactory service, you could be eligible for promotion to the rank of Flight Sergeant, with additional training and a further 4 years of service you could be promoted to rank of Adult Warrant Officer. Adult volunteers with previous regular service as SNCO's will be assimilated into the rank structure based on length of service and rank achieved.

Staff Appointments - Steve Anderson
Changes to Staff Terms Service - WEF End Sept 03

Commissioned Officer
After a preliminary period as a Civilian Instructor or Senior Non Commissioned Officer, you may be recommended for a commission. This leads to an interview with the Officer Selection Board and, if your successful you will be required to attend an initial Officers training course at RAF Cranwell. As a squadron Training Officer or Adjutant you would be responsible for assisting your Commanding Officer with the administration and organisation of your squadron. You will be required to lead cadets in parades at local events. You never know you could even be offered the opportunity to take command of your own squadron.

Chris receives his commission.
Staff Appointments - Ben Pinner


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