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This site has been active for some time now and we have started to get all sorts very encouraging e-mails from many people. In particular we have been most delighted to hear from some of those who were former Air Cadets serving with 121 or 411 Squadrons. With this in mind we have decided to set up an 'Old Pals - Memory Lane' page within our History section.

This area of the site is reserved for former cadets to submit their own articles for publication. So, if you're visiting our site and you have some old photographs, memories or interesting information about your time in the ATC that you would like to have published on this site please Contact Our Webmaster.

Why not have a look at some of our old camp photographs and see if you can spot any of your 'Old Pals'. If you do see anyone you know please drop us a line and tell us about your camps and your time with the squadron. By the way, you may find that our list of camp photographs is incomplete. If you've got any we haven't please send us a copy.

121 Squadron RAF Coltishall 1964

Articles submitted by former members of 121 and 411 Squadron.
Title/Subject Cadet / Squadron Dates
Many good old friends John Phillips - 411 1941 ~ 1943
Perils of a Cadet Tony Smith - 411 1946
Photographs Wilfred Taft - 121 1946 ~ 1949


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