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The Air Cadet organisation became established in Nuneaton on 9th May 1939 with the founding of No. 121 (King Edward VI School) Squadron, Air Defence Cadet Corps. Within the borough, enthusiasm for the Corps grew and in February 1941, 121 (King Edward VI School) Squadron became part of the newly formed Air Training Corps and a second unit No. 411 (Borough of Nuneaton) Squadron was formed.

Members of 121 (King Edward VI School) Squadron ATC on camp at RAF Wellesborn in 1942

Members of 411 (Borough of Nuneaton) Squadron ATC on camp in 1942

121 (King Edward VI School) Squadron was commanded by Flt. Lt Branston RAFVR(T) and had its headquarters at the grammar school and 411 (Borough of Nuneaton) Squadron was commanded by Flt. Lt Panter RAFVR(T) with it’s headquarters situated in Princes Street.

Above - Members of 121 ( King Edward VI School ) Squadron ATC on camp at RAF Madley in 1943. Front row 5th from left Flt. Lt. W.H.M Branston, OC 121 Squadron (1939 ~ 1946). 2nd from left Cadet Cpl Doug Watson who later became a Civilian Instructor with the squadron and served with us until his retirement in 2013. Doug was affectionately known by Cadets and Staff as the Squadrons ‘Oldest Cadet'

After the war the number of cadets reduced as the need to recruit for the RAF diminished. On the 8th November 1946 the two Nuneaton Squadrons amalgamated under the command of Flt. Lt Branston RAFVR(T) and became No. 121 (Borough of Nuneaton) Squadron. The Squadrons title was later revised to No. 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron, a title that remains to this day. On the 28th January 1949 the squadron moved to a new location in the Pingles Fields off Attlborough Road (now known as, Ribbonfields).

Squadron Commanding Officers
No. 411 (Borough of Nuneaton) Squadron
Flt. Lt Panter RAFVR(T) Feb 1941 08 Nov 1946
No. 121 (King Edward VI School) Squadron
No. 121 (Borough of Nuneaton) Squadron. (As of 8th November 1946)
Flt. Lt. W.H.M. Branston RAFVR(T) 09 May 1939 30 Nov 1946
Fg. Off. Joseph RAFVR(T) 30 Nov 1946 27 Apr 1948
Flt. Lt . W.E. Clayfield DFC RAFVR(T) 27 Apr 1948 15 Feb 1950
Flt. Lt. W.P. Anderson RAFVR(T) 15 Feb 1950 07 Nov 1950
Flt. Lt. D.W. Newill RAFVR(T) 07 Nov 1950 01 Dec 1959
Flt. Lt. J. Shrigley RAFVR(T) 01 Dec 1959 02 Jul 1977
Flt. Lt. M.L. Allcoat RAFVR(T) 22 Jun 1977 12 Oct 1995
Flt. Lt. I. Crewe RAFVR(T) 12 Oct 1995 15 Nov 2011
Flt Lt P.S. Hincks RAFVR(T) 15 Nov 2011  

Now known as Royal Air Force Air Cadets, 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the formation of their Squadron on the 9th May 2014.

Royal Air Force Air Cadets of 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron and their guests celebrate their 75th Anniversary

To celebrate three quarters of a century of the Air Cadet movement in Nuneaton the Squadron received a new Squadron Banner and held a Formal Dinner which was attended by past and present members of the Squadron as well as an impressive list of guests.


The 121 (Nuneaton) Sqn. ATC Crest depicts the head of a red-indian and the motto ‘United For Liberty’ as adopted from the badge of 121 Sqn RAF which was one of three squadrons manned by American volunteers before the USA joined the war. These three squadrons were known as ‘Eagle’ squadrons. To this day 121 Sqn. ATC remains in contact with the ‘Eagle Squadron Association’ in the US.

Over the last 77 years the Squadron has contributed to the education of many young people between the age of 12 and 20. At this time the squadron has a youth membership of approximately 33 and a staff of 6.


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