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411 Sqn RCAF Pilot

When we started work on this site we intended to include a page that detailed the history of our squadron. Unfortunately, things historical tend to be somewhat addictive, once you find a connection to another related subject it's very difficult to stop .
As a result this section of the site looks set to expand beyond it's original intent. The historical subjects covered in this release on the site are:-

121 (Nuneaton) Sqn. ATC - The History of the Air Training Corps in Nuneaton.
121 (Eagle) Sqn. RAF
411 Sqn RCAF
Old Pals - Memory Lane
RAF Nuneaton

One of the criteria for cadet training, is that each cadet should complete a set number of hours of project work. We hope to be able to use some of this project work time to research many other historical subjects related to our unit and aviation within the Nuneaton area. One subject, which we are particularly interested in covering, is RAF Nuneaton, which is now known as MIRA.

So, if you're interested in things historical keep an eye on this part of the site.

If you have any additional information regarding the subjects covered within this section of the site please get in touch.

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