Marksmanship training follows a structured programme, which helps to build self-discipline and a strong sense of responsibility. Cadets will undergo a strict course of training, which includes classroom instruction and dry weapons handling prior to being permitted to participate in live firing.

Training and live firing is always conducted in complete safety under the strict supervision of qualified instructors. All cadet marksmanship activities are geared towards competition shooting.

As with many other activities, if you are a really good shot you may be chosen to represent the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing or the Central and East Region and even go on to represent the Corps at a national level. In fact, at the Regional competition held in September 2001 at RAF Wittering three out of four cadets who formed the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing team, which came second in the competition, were cadets from 121 Squadron.

Cadets are trained to use two main types of weapon; the .22 No.8 bolt action rifle and the L98. The .22 rifle can be used on 25-meter indoor or outdoor ranges. Cadets can qualify for the ATC marksman badge by shooting 5 rounds into the target with a grouping of 1 inch in diameter, i.e. inside a two pence coin. The L98 uses 5.56 calibre rounds and is a non-automatic version of the general service issue, SA80 as used by British forces. It is used on outdoor ranges of 25 or 100 meters. Cadets can qualify for the RAF marksman badge using this weapon.

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