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Cadets with 121 Squadron will have the opportunity to take part in all forms of adventure training such as expeditions, camping, escape and evasion and initiative exercises. Our cadets will also have the chance to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme. In addition to Squadron and Wing organised events, cadets may also get the chance to go to one of the ATC's adventure training centres for climbing, canoeing or camping. Several cadets on our squadron have also had the opportunity to go skiing, offshore sailing and parachuting.

Squadrons within the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing have the use of permanent accommodation in Elan Valley, mid-Wales. Groups of cadets from 121 Squadron regularly use the Elan Valley camp as a base from which to conduct adventure training exercises and expeditions. This facility enables our cadets to get out into unfamiliar countryside and put their navigation and camp craft training into practice.

Cadets take time out for a photograph to prove that they reached their





All Adventure Training activities are conducted under the strict supervision of suitably qualified instructors.

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Elan Valley, mid-Wales an ideal location for adventure training.

Elan Valley camp provides permanent accommodation and catering facilities. Our duty cooks conjuring up the next meal.

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